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April 27, 2009


Ken Krause

Interesting report. It's definitely worth reading the more in-depth analysis from destinationCRM that is linked in the Forrester article. They bring up one possible negative in particular -- the whole question of identity exposure.

Will consumers, or B2B customers, want to leave their identity exposed so they can receive "only relevant content from Web sites?" Based on what I've seen so far, I'd say no. Privacy is a major issue among Web users. Remember the whole Microsoft Hailstorm and Passport fiasco?

On the B2B side, companies are going to have to do some major re-thinking. How many B2B companies currently use a form on their "contact us" page instead of actually letting you reach someone directly? Even for sales? That is completely against the transparency and social aspect of social networking. In other words, if you want me to show you mine, you're going to have to show me yours first.

Until both users and businesses embrace openness, all of this sounds good in theory but will be difficult to execute. As with anything else, the toughest part to account for is the human factor.

Christine Rojewski

I think the "don't hesitate" portion of this is key. Having said that I think it is key for the companies that understand social media.

Before jumping straight for execution I think it should be clearly voiced to the client that the world of social media is ever changing, and that hesitating now can set the company even further back in terms of connecting with their customers.

And for those that might hesitate, pull the trigger and then see the form of social media they put effort in disappear: I think it should be explained that, again, social media will continue changing. While that "tool" (i.e. LinkedIn or Facebook) might not last, another form in it's category will surface (i.e. something called FaceIn that incorporates both tools into one ... lacking kknowledge of one will now set you even further back).

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